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JK RUSS is a Las Vegas-based artist originally from New Zealand where she graduated from MIT Faculty of Creative Arts in Auckland with a BVA (photography) in 2001, focusing on performative gender and sexuality.

In August 2010, Russ relocated to Las Vegas, NV and discovered a strong performance culture.  Her recent collage works combine popular culture and fashion elements, along with desert creatures and rock formations.

In 2012, Russ’ work was featured on the Las Vegas episode of The Ethical Hedonist, produced for the Travel Channel UK, and in 2013 she was co-winner of “Best Art Import” in Las Vegas Seven’s Best of the City awards. In 2014, her work was shown at the Melbourne Art Fair and she created an interactive collage experience for Art-Tales at the Life is Beautiful Festival.

She is represented by Sin City Gallery in Las Vegas, PAULNACHE gallery in New Zealand and SmallWorks gallery in Australia. She is also a featured artist and blogger with the Huffington Post.


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