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Paintallica is a collaborative group of artist friends who share a mutual interest in building things and getting rowdy. Their installations emerge from a few days and nights of intense work, field research, discussion, and play. Their work usually involves chainsaws, wood in many forms, drawings, paint, fire, and a wide range of motor vehicles, and occasionally guns and neon. Their imagery and tools are remnants of the working-class, rural American roots of most of their members. Their installations are improvised and largely site-specific. An ongoing dialogue between members is at the core of their process and informs how they approach each new project. Subject matter and direction emerge on-location in the days leading up to an event, informed by drawing sessions and group field trips.

Among the accomplished members, many have exhibited internationally; one is a published graphic novelist, two are war vets, and many have been reviewed in Sculpture Magazine, ArtForum, and The New York Times. 


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