• Date: October 23 - November 08, 2017
  • Location: Central Park & Fort Gansevoort
  • Partner: Fort Gansevoort
Courtesy of Art Production Fund
Courtesy of Art Production Fund
Courtesy of Art Production Fund
Courtesy of Art Production Fund

Press Release


Presented by Art Production Fund & Fort Gansevoort

"Dreams are not simply relegated to an ethereal world, but can hold space in the practicality of our everyday. In the daunting reality of modern society, dreamers, dreaming has become a radical act. In looking to the future, collectively we must honor the vitality of the youth by giving a space for the tangibility of their dreams.

Bringing to fruition my vision of constructing a children’s playhouse, the 'Dream House' public art project is fueled by and honors the imagination of children. By utilizing accessible materials such as paint and markers, the youth are given an opportunity to transform an ordinary playhouse into a house showcasing visuals memories of their dreams. The 'Dream House' will continue to evolve as the dreams of patrons are physically added to the space through written and illustrated notes." - Elise Peterson

The Dream House was created by the children of New York City at the NYC Parks Department "It's Happening" Festival on October 21 in Central Park. For the duration of the exhibition, visitors are encouraged to share letters or drawings of their own dreams to be incorporated in the Dream House installation. 

On view at Fort Gansevoort (5 9th Avenue) from October 25 - November 8, 2017.

Elise Peterson is an artist, writer, and educator who lives and works in New York. Peterson’s multidisciplinary work is informed by the past, and reimagined in the framework of the evolving notions of technology, Blackness, intimacy and cross-generational narratives.

Art Sundae is a new initiative from Art Production Fund and Fort Gansevoort that is designed to build confidence in children through art making. The program offers children access to major cultural entities at no entry cost, and participants have the opportunity to learn about various mediums of art, while engaging in active discussion with major contemporary artists. The program is designed to be accessible to all, and highlight art’s positive impact across all communities.  


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