• Date: May 01 - April 30, 2010
  • Location: The Standard Hotel, Hollywood & Downtown L.A.
  • Partner: The Standard Hotel
  • Artists: Kate Gilmore
Between a Hard Place, still
Star Bright, still

Press Release

Star Bright, 2007, TRT: 7 min 36 sec

Anything, 2006, TRT: 12 min 25 sec

Between a Hard Place, 2008, TRT: 9 min 43 sec

"Kate Gilmore is sole protagonist in her performative videos as she attempts to conquer self-constructed obstacles. Her videos explore issues of displacement, struggle and femaile identity with metaphoric depth and formal sophistication. Gilmore's tragicomic displays posit physical situations as metaphor for present-day conflicts and social obstacles." - Margot Norton