• Date: March 05 - April 11, 2022
  • Location: 10 Rockefeller Plaza
  • Partner: Rockefeller Center
  • Artists: Max Colby
Photo by Daniel Greer, courtesy of Art Production Fund
Photo by Daniel Greer, courtesy of Art Production Fund

Press Release


This Art Sundae installation is a collaboration between children and Brooklyn-based artist Max Colby.

On March 5, 2022, Colby led a children’s public art-making workshop at Rockefeller Center.

Inspired by Colby’s current Art in Focus exhibition at Rockefeller Center, participants were invited to create their own sculptural icons. Provided with an abundance of repurposed materials including fabrics, flowers, toys, and trims, among others, children were given the opportunity to reimagine their relationship with decorative and everyday materials.

Free-standing objects created by children at the workshop are presented on top of pre-made pillows by Colby. These pillows are constructed from fabrics and trims and connect back to Colby’s own project presented throughout the public spaces of Rockefeller Center.


ART SUNDAE is an ongoing public program launched by non-profit Art Production Fund and New York gallery Fort Gansevoort that is designed to build confidence in children through art-making. This free program offers children the opportunity to work with a contemporary artist to create a public art project. The program is designed to be accessible to all and highlight art’s positive impact across all communities.