• Date: February 08 - 28, 2009
  • Sponsor: MAC
  • Location: APF LAB
  • Artists: Created by: Arden Wohl & Darsi Monaco Directed By: Arden Wohl Starring: Leelee Sobieski & Azura Skye
Photo courtesy of Art Production Fund
Photo courtesy of Art Production Fund
Photo courtesy of Art Production Fund
Photo courtesy of Art Production Fund
Photo courtesy of Art Production Fund

Press Release

Art Production Fund is pleased to present Two Other Dreams

Two Other Dreams is a dark comedy about the relationship between two women imbued with a bizarre sense of romance and masochism. Maisie is bound to her best friend Galen by a mysterious kind of silence and servitude. The two characters surreptitiously interact in a cylindrical dance, and subsequently spiral into a peculiar kind of delusion bred by love, unrequited love, and the feeling that life is overtaking them. Born out of a fascination with the intersection of the everyday and the supernatural, the language and logic of a dark romantic fairytale is used to explore the subjective nature of memory, addiction, obsession and the impact of loss. Mythical, magico-religious imagery and symbolism are woven throughout the film as visual motifs. A distinct aesthetic was created through the use of a highly restricted color palette of purples (lavenders and grays) and oranges (blushes and corals). The colors, when paired, emit the essence of decay and/or change, thus a revolution or cycle.

Two Other Dreams is a love story between two women. It is also a meditation on insanity and how the battle for love and connection can drive one insane. There are no men in this imaginary universe and yet there is still a "masculinity" which Maisie embodies and struggles with. Galen and Maisie both seek salvation: Galen relies on alcohol and drugs and adversely is constantly trying to "heal" and balance with health food, meditation, crystals and New Age practices. Maisie relies on Galen; and exists in the quiet and perpetual torment of unrequited love. It is a unique friendship riddled with deep contradiction. In the style of Samuel Beckett, both women are prone to neurotic fixations and an obsessive need to escape into an inner landscape, where the boundaries of reality are shifting and elusive. The film explores how far Galen and Maisie will go as they negotiate the complex power dynamics of their relationship, as they discover the meaning of love.

While Two Other Dreams is installed at LAB, visitors will leave the mundane world behind and proceed towards an activity of dreams. Walking through a hexagram the spectators are guided through the space, travelling into the ancient dreamscape of the film. The layout of the space is designed with movement and action in mind, never stagnant, creating a recreational, interactive space. Various special events will take place throughout the month at LAB including: Reading by 'Bowery Women' poet/performance artist Mary Reilly, performance by Led Er Est, performance by musician Jay Israelson, performance by artist/musician Eliza Douglas, weild makeup by artist Will Lemon, tarot and astrological readings by Richard Monaco and others, and transformative yoga by Kyle Miller.

A Psycho Kitty Productions film, starring Leelee Sobieski & Azura Skye, original score by Jay Israelson, additional music by Led Er Est, costumes by Jaclyn Hodes, makeup by Lauren Gott, titles by Eric Adolfsen & Christopher Palazzo, visual effects supervisor Gary Breslin at panoptic, edited by Paul Zucker, additional editing by Maximilla Lukacs, production design by Darsi Monaco, Director of Photography Andreas Burgess, Executive Producer Alex Orlovsky, Produced by Arden Wohl, Darsi Monaco, Leelee Sobieski & Peter Glanz, Written by Arden Wohl & Darsi Monaco, Directed by Arden Wohl.

Special thanks to Soho Mews for generously donating the space to Art Production Fund.

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